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Sure to annoy everyone in the gym!

- Printed RESERVED on both sides in black
- Made from a fast drying polyester microfiber
- Perfect 52 x 79cm 'Bench size'
- Will annoy other lifters


- For best results, wash in cold or warm water only. Light colours with lights, dark colours with other dark's. This red towel should be washed with your dark clothes.
- To remove stains from your gym apparel and accessories, add two tablespoons of vinegar to one cup water and apply directly to the stains. Rub gently, let sit for 30 minutes and wash.
- To avoid getting any fluff or pilling on your towels, try washing them in a laundry bag.
- If your gym towel a gets wrinkled, never iron it. Use a clothing steamer, or even a hair dryer can help get the creases out.
- To get deodorant stains out of pretty much any material, rub the fabric together. It even works on red towels!
- Designed in Australia and built from 100% Polyester Microfiber.