About Us

Outletics was born out of a need to save money. We have spent altogether too much money on clothes we have loved, and clothes ….we did not. We have painfully expensive wardrobes full of clothes that do not spark joy! Is it too much to ask for inexpensive, quality clothes that fit, and look great? We say no - Not for us and certainly not for you!  

While we are sure this list will grow, for the time being we have two major motivations:

1. Inclusivity
Because representation matters - we know this. We commit to partner with brands who promote faces, voices and bodies that look like yours and ours.

2. Platform for growth
We aim to support local talent - from designers, to models, to you! As much as the world has to offer, we have made a concerted effort to seek out companies based right here in Australia and New Zealand. Companies who know what we need because they live, work, and train with us. 
We have put in the work to share with you the things we have tried and tested. We love them and we hope you will too.

Team Outletics x